Valentina Görtz – June 2019

I would like to nominate Valentina for some recognition.

As you know, we are going through quite a significant and stressful time with Angie studying towards her final surgical exams…and we are both working. The last few months have been hectic, to say the least, and she is almost complete.

During this time, Vale has been an absolute superstar! We consistently come home to happy kids who’s needs are being met, a tidy and clean house, meal prep done and/or kids fed and often she has prepared and cooked the family meal too, sometimes the kids are already bathed and in their PJ’s quietly playing. Clothes washed folded and put away (even some of our own are neatly folded and on the end of our bed), there is even fresh baking in the cupboard somedays. Her recent banana and coconut muffins were delicious! These are just some of the things she does, day in and day out and we can’t thank her enough. She really does go above and beyond to make life easy and stress free.

I also want to note that she has such a great nature and personality. Nothing is ever a problem. For example, although she was a little upset when we couldn’t accommodate a recent leave request, she showed resilience and made alternative plans to get on with her NZ experience. Thanks for being so understanding Vale! She is also very playful, gentle and caring (and appropriately firm) with the kids. They have so much fun together and she (somehow?) manages to pack so much into her days with them.

From the Smith family