The Waters Family – December 2019

The Waters Family is more than a whānau full of love and warm laughter… it’s a sisterhood. Growing up in a female-empowering home myself, I knew the Waters Family was a perfect match.

Alba, Bela and Isla’s contagious, creative spirits brightens everyone’s day through their love of dance, art, and adventure. The girls and I greet each new day grooving to musical classics, including Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, or singing along to Nahko And Medicine For The People and Six60. Their curiosity of the world and the bigger picture additionally fuels their love and appreciation toward the animal kingdom and environment. This not only opens the girls’ minds, but their hearts as well.

Kelsey is a strong woman and mother whose love for her daughters is limitless. She comes home everyday with open arms, ready to hear the girls’ newest adventures and stories. With travel in her veins and a runner’s spirit, Kelsey’s admiration toward world cultures opens doors to endless possibilities for her daughters as they continue to grow into independent, little women. Kelsey even helped unlock questions I had about my own Cherokee and Sioux ancestry; asking for book recommendations on Native Tribes of North America, and having positive conversations regarding identity. During this past year, Kelsey and I have shared many belly laughs and food together on spontaneous adventures throughout the North Island. Our friendship grew exceedingly fast since my arrival to New Zealand, a rare connection I’m extremely grateful for.

Kelsey, Alba, Bela and Isla, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this chapter in our lives and becoming each other’s whānau. There was a moment I thought the opportunity to call New Zealand home was unreachable, but the universe had magically plans for us. Thank you for accepting me, scars and all, and for an incredible year.

And Kelsey, knowing our wanderlust spirits, I look forward to our visits around the world in the coming years because this won’t be a “goodbye,” but a “see you soon.”

Much love,