The Stevens Family – November 2018

Dear Vanessa, Mike, Maddie, Harper and Brooklyn,

It’s finally time to nominate you as “the Host Family of the month” because it doesn’t exist a better one than you! Why? There are many reason for this…

You have welcomed me as a new family member from the very beginning and integrated me into your traditions. I quickly settled in to my new home because you made it very easy for me as a family. You have encouraged me from the beginning to make contacts and explore the area. It was important for you that I feel comfortable in the new environment and that I feel well.

I am extremely grateful to you for so many things. You make this year unique and just wonderful! I couldn’t wish for a better Host Family in this world.

Thanks for everthing Vanessa and Mike! Your are not only wonderful parents for your girls, you are also the best Host Parents I could wish for! I love our movie evenings together, our weekly takeaways and our many conversations. I know that no matter what, I can always come to you. We can laugh together and talk about everything. I am more than happy to have you in my life!

Thanks Maddie for our time together so far! You are a wonderful and creative girl. I love to do crafts together with you and to create new things. I know how much you love these things and how much joy they give you. I like to accept the challenges if you ask me if I could try to draw a unicorn or Elsa and Anna. I enjoy this time together with you very much!

Thanks Harper for the wonderful time we spent together so far! I love our little Frozen dance parties when we both put on a fancy dress and start singing and dancing along. When I take you to kindy, you always give me a long hug before I go. Thank you for welcoming me so beautifully into your family.

Thank you Brooklyn for charming me every day with your lovely sweetness. You are probaly the sweetest little girl in this world! With you I have spent the most time out of this family so far, we have very quickly established a wonderful connection to each other, I have taken you into my heart. I love how you make me laugh, how you cuddle me and how you always come to my room because you would like to have a hug. You are just wonderful!

From my point of view you are the best Host Family someone could wish for!

Thank you for everything!

Your Svenja