The Sproule Family – January 2020

Dear Sproules,

You have been very flexible and relaxed which allowed me to settle down and be me. We had a wonderful Christmas together and I appreciate the things we’ve experienced together. I’m also very happy for the New Zealand culture you’ve been able to teach me since Mike is Canadian and Kyra from New Zealand, and then knows the traditions and famous people, and what is normal here, but not in other countries. We’ve seen some good New Zealand made movies and I’ve learned about kowhai, pohutukawa and some New Zealand food. I like how you make if feel like being an au pair isn’t just work with some specific tasks I need to get done, but it’s living together and helping each other.

Thank you Owen for all the fun moments and days we’ve had together just us and I’ll always remember our special relationship. Rose and Jasper, you’re both so smart and thoughtful, I enjoy watching you helping your baby brother or having fun with your creative minds. We have had so many fun hours on the playground after school and even more at home in the holidays where we can relax, play board games and do whatever we want to do.

This was your first time as a host family and you did really great! I’m also happy that you’ve chosen to get more au pairs after me, that must mean that we’ve done something right. I’m sad it has to end so soon, but that’s just how it is.

I will forever look back at our time together with many happy memories.

I’ll enjoy our last days together and see you soon!

Helena Korp Ertmann