The Schultz Family – June 2019

Dear Jacinta, Chris, Quinn and Emett

I can´t believe how lucky I am. You are the best Host family I ever could imagine. You made my New Zealand adventure to the best time in my life so far. I just want to say thank you for the amazing time with you.

You are the best host family for me in the whole wide world. And it all started already in Germany. Just after we started to be in contact I had to stay in hospital. You were so worried about me and you still said you want me and don’t care about it.

I was so nervous when I first got here but all of you were so awesome. I can remember Quinn just turned two and after a day we loved each other like we know each other for years. And now after 2 years Quinn can’t think of the time without me and he is wondering why every family hasn’t got a “Kaddy” like he got. Quinn also says stuff that makes my heart melt: “We going to the playground with mummy, daddy and Emett. But it wont be my whole family because Kaddy is meeting up with her friends and don´t come with us”. And Quinn is right with that. I am not only your au pair. You made me such a huge part of your family and I`m so thankful for that.

You also took me always on family trips and you didn’t take me just because you wanted to have somebody to look after your kids the whole time – you took me because you like to have me around.

And that´s the reason why you also offered me to stay another year with you and helped me to get another visa.

And also when I had such a hard time when my grandma got sick and died only a few months later. You were always there for me and even Quinn was so cute. When i told him I don´t have a grandma anymore he was shocked and in the evening he went to you Jacinta and told you and said: “But that is okay because I can share my grandma with her”.

It makes my heart cry when I think about going back to Germany and I think I am such an idiot for leaving you.

You know I am feeling a little bit scared about going home and that another au pair will take my job to look after your fabulous boys. You don´t let me feel bad about my decision. Far from it! You encourage me to follow my dreams in Germany to get an internship and you say how proud you are when I really get it and otherwise you say I will always be a part of your family and always welcome and we will figure something out to make me happy. And you also tell me not to be worried about the other person because nobody can ever break what we have. I am still scared about going back to Germany but you take a lot of my fears.

Jacinta, Chris, Quinn and Emett thank you for everything you did for me.

You are such awesome parents for Quinn and Emett and you also feel like parents for me. And also Quinn and Emett you are such awesome and clever boys and you feel like brothers to me.

I couldn’t imagine to love you like I love my Family in Germany. You are not my blood family but you are my chosen family and I love you.