The O’Brien/Biedermann Family – July 2019

Dear Beanie, Franz, Natasha and Alex!

Yes, you are the craziest Host Family I ever lived in. 🙂 But you are also the most loving, caring and funniest family I ever lived in. And that is why you have to be the new Host Family of the month. You are amazing.

It wasn’t easy for me chose a new family to live in. But after arriving in your family I didn’t need much time to realize it was the best decision I made. From the first day I felt welcomed into your family. After just a few weeks I couldn’t believe I just started my adventure as it felt like I lived with you for months already. Now the months are over and the days left are just not enough. For you “Being part of the family” is not just a phrase to say. It is a real feeling you give me every day. I know that I am always welcome to join you, that you are interested in what I am doing and also always curious to hear about my weekendtrips. Also when meeting your extended family I feel like being part of the whole whanau. You care for me as you do for your own children. Every day I see that your children are the most important thing in your life and you love them more than anything else.

Your house became my home. A place I like to be and come home too. It is the best feeling coming home from a trip into a house full of love, laughter (and chaos) and getting welcomed with hugs and kisses from those two awesome kids. A home that’s not just open to me, but also my family and friends are always welcome to visit, to stay or to have some yummy “Kässpätzle”.

It was most likely the hardest time to join your family with everything that happened in the last 12 months. I heard so many times “It will get better”. Sometimes I wasn’t quite sure when it will get better instead of getting worse but I never even thought of leaving or rather staying with any other family. You are the best family I could have thought of. We stayed together as a family and kept thinking positive. We made the most out of every situation. We still found the time to sit down together in the evenings playing games, talking or watching movies. I loved every trip we went on together and had a great time exploring New Zealand with you.
How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Thank you for welcoming me into your family and for creating such an awesome experience for me in New Zealand.

I love you!