The Luxford Family – August 2019

Dear Mike, Helen, Jonathan, Samuel, Christopher and Emma!

You are such a loving and caring family! I love calling this place my home in New Zealand. Coming here and deciding to be here for 7 months wasn´t easy for me. I was scared that I won´t find a family that I like but also that they like me! You were the very first family I talked to and I was so nervous but I went very well, we talked about an hour and it was easier than I thought. After we skyped, I was so happy and exited and I was sure I wanted to come to you! And here I am. I couldn´t have made a better decision. Thank you for the amazing time here!

In the beginning it was all a little bit hard. Emma and the boys had to get used to me and I had to learn how to manage the everyday life with four kids. Getting ready in the morning for school was and is always busy and sometimes challenging. But now that we have a routine its working quite well. You all made it very easy for me to settle down, because of your lovely, funny and open-minded way of living. You always try your best to make it as easy as possible for me. In the holidays you are organizing lots of actives for the kids to make sure I don’t have to deal with all of them at the same time. The days I spend with all of 4 of you were so funny and crazy! We had lots of fun outside on the trampoline, we played soccer or we built some tents and forts in the Lounge. The holidays improved the relationship to all the kids. I´m so sad that I have to leave soon.

And you Emma, we had a tough start but now you learned to trust me and we are making the best out of our remaining time! I love going to music with you and taking the bus to get there. And of course, we have lots and lots of cuddles!! You are so interested in the world and ready to explore it.

You, Mike and Helen, thank you for appreciating me all the time! I´m so glad that I can be a part of your family. For me it feels more like a big sister relationship than to be an employee. Thank you for supporting me all the time and being helpful in any kind of situation. You are always interested in my weekend trips and you have some great tips what to do around New Zealand. It´s always nice and easy to talk with you about everything ? Although we have some busy days or weeks you always keep calm and loving.

I´m so lucky that I could spent my time here in New Zealand with such a great family! You made it much easier for me to be so far away from home. You are my family on the other side of the world!

I will miss you all so much!!! I will always keep you in my mind and you are very welcome to visit me in Germany!

Love You