The Lawrence Family – April 2019

Dear Fletcher, Finn, Emelia, Alecia, Hayden, Ray and Joyce

I’d like to nominate you for family of the month
because you deserve it tons

Remember when we first had our interview?
I can’t describe how happy I was talking to you

After that it was clear for me,
I wanted to come to Taranaki

The night I arrived at your home,
you made me feel like it was my own

You were so kind from the start,
and right away found a place in my heart

Oh Lawrences I don’t have a clue
what I would be doing without you

We’ve spent so much time on the farm together,
even in the foulest weather

Not only do I know how to drive a tractor and feed a calf now,
you have also taught me to milk a cow

Dear Fletcher, you’ve got such a cheeky and lovely smile,
people can see it from a mile

When you do things that are important to you,
you always make sure to follow through

Dear Finn, my bmx champion nz number one,
your career has only just begun

You’re such a great helper and so clever,
it is always a pleasure spending time together

Dear Emelia, you are so good at dance,
against you I don’t stand a chance

To some people it can be quite shocking
how you never stop talking

Dear Alecia you are such a loving and caring person,
there are not many people like you in this world
that’s something I know for certain

Dear Hayden, you’re such a smart man
doesn’t matter how bad the situation, you’ve always got a plan

Never ever have I met anyone,

as hard working as you two and yet, so much fun

Dear Joyce, I’ll miss you so much when I leave,

it is hard to believe

Dear Ray, you always bring a smile to my face
I might have to smuggle you home in my suitcase

Life with you is always a blast,
hence why the last months have gone by so fast

All the night’s we’ve spent together in front of the tv,
eating ice cream and laughing
those nights mean so much to me

Oh Lawrences, it has almost been a year
that means soon it will be time for me to disappear

But let me tell you,
that I love you all of you more than chocolate fondue

Thank you so much for all the things you have done for me,
and for being my second family

Lots of Love,