The La Franchie Family – February 2019

Dear Bex and Scott,

You really are the best host family I could wish for and no one deserves to be Host Family of the Month more than you guys do.

I was so scared to live with strangers at the end of the world for a whole year, but I knew from our first Skype Call on, that we would be the perfect match – and I was right. You are my second family and I feel like I am for you too. It’s amazing how strangers can become family in a couple of weeks so naturally. You are the reason I never get homesick or feel like I want to go back home – because now you are my home. And I know that I can talk to you about everything and you are there for me if there is something on my mind.

I love how we have the same humour and laugh about silly things at the dinner table. Thank you for integrating me into your life so well and hanging out with me. I always enjoy it when we spend time together talking or just watching Supernatural or Firefly. You show me that you care about me and worry whenever I am going away over the weekend or coming home late. But at the same time you trust me (with my personal decisions and Katie). You always treat me with respect and give me space. But not only are you the best host parents, but the best parents for Katie and it’s amazing to see how much love you give her and how much she loves you back!

And dear Katie,

You are the child every Au Pair dreams of having. In the last couple of months you became like a little sister to me and I do care for you that way. You bring me everyday so much happiness and joy and ‘working’ is never really work with you. You make it so easy to forget that it’s a job and nothing lightens up my day more than seeing you smile. It’s crazy how much you’ve changed (and grew!) In the last couple of months. I love our daily walks, reading sessions, crawling races and playing in your little pool. And I encourage you everyday to practice walking so that I can hopefully see that before I leave.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your Sarah