The Giri Family – September 2018

Dear Meg, Hori, Bela, Yas and Jes,

I am here in New Zealand for seven and a half months now (wow time runs so fast) and from the beginning on I wanted you to become „the host family of the month“. You want to know why? First of all because I already felt as a part of your family from the beginning on and there are also many other reasons for that:

Meg – you are my „second mum abroad“. From the beginning on you let me feel like a part of your family. That helped me a lot in the first few weeks in a new country, culture and family. I can talk with you about anything and you have everytime the right answers and suggestions. If I am not feeling alright you notice that immediately and if I had a hard day with the girls, you are sitting down with me in the evening and talk with me about it. YOU are a great woman and hostmum with a great personality and I think more people should be like you. Thank you for everything!!!

Hori – You are a man, who is inspiring to a lot of people and also to me. You are a funny person, who makes many jokes and I can laugh with you a lot. You are a good dad and your kids love very much (especially because of the boat now and maybe a puppy in the near future … lol). I can talk to you about anything as well and you have everytime the right answers. The way you ARE looking at things and try to find solutions is awesome and you are an amazing man, father, husband and hostdad. Thank you so much for that!!!

Bela – You are the oldest of you three but that makes you special even if you think different about that. I think you are a great child with an awesome personality and a warm heart. You love arts and crafts and are really good at it and I love to help you with anything. You are a very helpful child with AN inspiring way of thinking about all different things. You love school, your friends there and spending time with them in your sparetime. Playing the violin is not your favourite thing to do but I would say that you just have to practice more and than you will see that this instrument has also his postive sides. Thank you for helping me everytime and in every situation. I will miss you a lot when I am going home in 3 months!!!

Yasmin – You are the „sandwich child“ (how you love to say) of you three. You´re a funny and cheeky child and during my time here, we already had some very funny and AWESOME moments. You are not very into going to school but I think that is just because it is your first year and everything is new and different for you. Playing the piano since July now is the perfect thing for you because you learn to be focused and concentrated and playing an instrument is always a good thing. Your favourite thing to do is playing with your sisters (but just if there are no arguments between all of you). You love your sisters and spending time with them. Thank you for all the funny moments we had so far and hopefully we can have some more of them in the next months!!!

Jesica – You are the youngest child but also the most active. I love going to Playcenter with you because I can see everytime that you are learning different things there. Playing with your friends is your favourite thing to do and you are laughing and smiling a lot with them. We are reading many books and if we start reading one or two you want to have more and more and sometimes I can´t stop you from getting the next one. Thank you that you are making me laugh everyday even if I didn´t want to laugh. You are an amazing child and complete my beloved HOST FAMILY!!!

All together you are my amazing hostfamily! Living on a farm for the first time is very strange but now I see that cows, lambs, sheep, chickens and the cat are part of your family and now also a part of my family, like you.

You still couldn´t find the answer, why you should become the hostfamily of the month? Well, than read the words in CAPITAL AND BOLD letters!!!

Love you all so much and I am really going to miss you when I am back home.

Thanks for everything,