The Falstie-Jensen Family – March 2019

Dear Catherine, Anders, Clara and Anton!

With this nomination for the “Host Family of the Month” I want to thank you for being so wonderful and the perfect host family for me!

There’s not much time left until I have to go back home and I don’t even want to think about saying goodbye and leaving you. But luckily there is still a bit of time left which I am really happy about! <3

I enjoy spending time with you, Clara and Anton, so much! You make me laugh; you impress me with being so smart, curious and funny and I love it when you want to tell or show me something and seem to care about what I think.

Anton, your imagination is so impressive and such an amazing gift! You can create miracles out of any Lego pieces even without any instructions and your drawings are so good and full of details! You’re also very kind to your sister, your parents and me: You help a lot, you are interested in people and you are very good at sharing. It’s really impressive how mature and smart you already are! You ask a lot of questions and are very keen to learn new things. Besides, you can be so funny and you are the best at playing “Monopoly”! I remember playing it all day long with you at some days! And you ALWAYS won! 😉

Clara, you are so confident and brave; I really admire that! You have no problems to find new friends! Also you enjoy singing and dancing- alone, with me or in front of others. If there is a stage anywhere, guess who I can find there…. 😉 You are very creative as well and we can spend hours of drawing and colouring. I love that too and we can both share these interests! Not to forget that you are very smart and that you remember and notice even smallest pieces of information. You will be amazing when you’re at school!

Catherine and Anders, you are the ones who make me feel home and not just like I am working here. You share so much with me; you listen to my stories of the weekends, my problems and my questions; you make me laugh and feel relaxed; you let me join family events , which I really enjoy and appreciate and you even eat so many vegetarian meals because of me! 🙂 I like chatting with you in the evenings, playing board games or “Grandma’s keys” with you and the kids or listening to your stories from work. You were always supportive when something happened that bothered me; you always ask me how my day was and if I’m fine and that makes me feel so comfortable!

Moreover, everyone can see how important your children are to you!
You spend as much time with them as possible and you are great role models for them and also for me!

Thank you for everything,