The Coleman Family – May 2019

Dear Nicky, Brad, Alex and Fletcher,

Going to New Zealand as an Au Pair was probably one of the harder decisions in my life. But even after a few days in your awesome family I could say: It was definitely the best choice I could have made! I was so scared to come to the other end of the world for a whole year, but I knew from our first Skype call on, that we would be the perfect match – and i was completely right. Allowing me to walk into your home and accepting me into your family just means the world to me! After being here for a so long time it’s finally time to nominate you as the “Family of the month”. I could have nominated you for that from day one on and on every single day you have been the best family I could have asked for.

You’re an incredible woman, mum, wife and friend. I can not thank you enough for being there for me all the time. You have been here for me the whole time and tried to help me as good as you could. With you as their mum the kids are the luckiest children in the world. They are talking about you all the time and they are always excited when you come home to spend time with you. You can be really proud to be a great mum a caring leader at work and just to be the best host mum I could have asked for.


Thank you for making me laugh so many times 😀 When I came it was hard to understand the “farmer-slang” you got but you did not mind to tell me again, so thank you for doing that as well 😀 You are working so hard and you are more than busy, but even if you had a very busy day you are coming home with a smile. The kids love to spend time with you. They can be really proud to have you as their dad. Especially in the evenings when you get home we are mostly just laughing. It is funny all the time when you play with them 😀 Thank you for being an amazing host dad!

When I came to NZ you made me directly feel as a friend of yours. The lovely hug that I directly got when I arrived at your house is something I will never forget. You are a great big sister for Fletcher and a big help for me during the day. Being so honest, energetic and open-minded is something you can be really proud of! I could say so much more about your awesome personality but then this would be endless long 😀 You are a gorgeous girl!

You are definitely the cutest boy on earth! Your warm and lovely welcome made it so easy for me to get you known. From day one I love to spend time with you and Alex, your big interest in nearly everything is impressive and same is your knowledge. You are so bright and full of joy during the day and you always make me laugh 😀

This whole family became so important as a part of my life. Being a friend and “big sister” of these guys is the best gift I could have received from my time in New Zealand. I love to be here and I really wish that our time together would be endless.

For me you are more than the family of the month: You are the best Au Pair family for the day, the month, the year and for my whole life! It meant a lot to me that you gave me a home far away from home, a second home. With you I made so many experiences and memories, things I will never forget.

You made my dream of New Zealand becoming true! You will always have a special (and big) place in my heart and do not forget: It won’t be a “Goodbye”, it will be a “See you later!”. I will come back!

Thank you for everything!

Lots of love,