Maggie Mills – October 2019

I would like to nominate Maggie Mills for au pair of the month.

Maggie has been with our family since January 2019. When Maggie first arrived she faced what a lot of au pairs face – some culture shock! Everything was new and different and a little overwhelming. I am so grateful and incredibly proud of her for sticking with us, and NZ and riding through those tough few weeks where there was a lot of adjustment. I think this shows great character and resilience.

From day 1, Maggie has put her heart and soul into the children – Dalia (6) and Omar (3). It was very easy to see she was naturally gifted with children, and very trustworthy. Her natural, fun loving way with the kids and being able to resonate with them and enjoy their sense of humour and physicality has always been there. She is an excellent communicator and never shy to tell the truth about her day with the children, which is so useful for me as a mum. Maggie has also developed wonderful relationships with the other parents, teachers, and caregivers at both Dalia’s school and Omar’s day-care – this shows great maturity and speaks of Maggie’s friendly and kind nature.

I am really proud of Maggie for exploring NZ, making new friends, reaching out to new au pairs, discovering our neighbourhood, organising playdates, thinking up fun craft activities and navigating Auckland (and tolerating the four seasons in one day). Maggie sees my children as individuals, and tries to cater to them in that way; both in the way she interacts with them, and in the activities and meals she prepares. I am also very thankful for her unwavering care of them, even when they are tough to deal with. She has very gracefully worked alongside me when dealing with behavioural hurdles ? The kids and I are really lucky to have her and she very much feels part of our happy home. Thank you au pair link for the support you have offered her and setting her up for success, and a huge thank you to Magge for opening her heart to our very lucky little family.

May the remainder of the year continue to be as special!