Jana Schwechheimer – April 2020

Jana – Au Pair of the Month/Year!!

Jana has been with us since October and is hoping to stay for a year, with a bit of travel in the middle; but we all find ourselves in full on COVID-19 lock down.

All our au pairs have become friends and extended family members but this time she is well and truly part of our “bubble”!  Before this she was a super star, but now she has excelled even more. She has been home schooling our 3 girls through the lock down – finding really fun and creative, but always educational ways to pass the weekdays away. We have a large glass splash back in the kitchen and this has become her wipe board! Each night she puts up new spelling words, maths puzzles and problems to be solved. Often the girls are trying to do them as soon as they wake up, before breakfast. Then it is onto Geography, using a world map to find all the countries and capitals, then work out the flags. Another day, Biology, and it is organs in the body and they draw around one of them, then make card cut outs of the organs, paint and label them up. They have spent the day at San Diego Zoo (virtual) then invited virtual animals back in to the house!! Baking is an easy go to and they all get to be part of a regular Master Chef challenge (it normally includes chocolate!) With our 4 year old she has her adding and subtracting small numbers, writing all her letters and learning just as much as the big girls (9rs and 11yrs).

We all go for long family walks and, being a Personal Trainer, she creates bootcamps for the whole family as well as on- line for the local gym, she is going to make sure we all come out of this lock down stronger!

Jana may be a long way from her biological family but we love her and are enjoying spending this lock down together. There is so much more she and we are doing but we just really wanted to nominate her for au pair of the month and Year!!!

Thanks for being a part of our family Jana!

Love from the Frewin’s