Eva Beutler – July 2020

Eva – Au Pair Extraordinaire

Eva has been with us since October 2019. She has seen us go through some really big changes. Our older boy moved on to an all boys college and our middle two boys moved primary schools. Then our littlest started kindy! It was fabulous that Eva had been with us for a few months before all these changes kicked in to help provide some reassuring stability for the kids as all these changes came at the same time.

Eva has always been super helpful with a smile. She is flexible which is very much what our house needs. Despite being an only child she seems to cope well with the noisy busy household of 6 that we are. Eva’s main job is to look after our now 3 year old little girl. It was really hard for Emma at the start but Eva persisted and won her over. Now Emma really has grown to love and adore Eva. She treats her like a beautiful big sister. They have their own special things they do like walk to the little beach and have adventures during the day. Emma is also so excited when her brothers and parents come home! Eva takes Emma to her swimming lesson every week and she just loves it. They have had lots of fun adventures such as going to Kelly Tarltons. Eva has done lots of cooking and baking (yummmmm) and is so wonderful to do the dishes often too.

We had a rocky start to the year with so much change and then we started hearing about the Coronavirus. The world was in panic and the stories we were hearing from overseas were terrifying. Amongst it all we had to figure out what to do in our household. We were in the middle of renovations. The builders managed to push through and get the back area of our house ‘safe and waterproof’ just before we went in to level 4 lockdown.

Both my husband and I are essential workers so all of a sudden Eva had 4 children at home. Luckily our older boys school has an incredible online timetable which kept him busy. But three young children suddenly stuck at home this produced it’s own challenges. Eva totally rose to the occasion. Thankfully the lockdown started with great weather so we could all spend lots of time outside. This helped everyone. On a sunny day Eva took Master 8 for a long bike ride and/or Mr 6 for a scooter. We are lucky to have a field and some ducks by a waterway close to us. This had provided short outings most days.

We are all moving together in to an unknown world. The world will be different with Coronavirus still at large and there will be consequences and changes in how we do things that we can’t even predict as yet.

We are so grateful for Eva being with us at this time. We really wouldn’t have got through without her!