Claire Duffus – August 2018

Claire came into our lives in September 2017 and quickly became a lifelong member of our family. Her easy, breezy, bubbly personality has made her a joy to be around and we are so going to miss hearing a Scottish accent cheerily wishing us a good morning.

Claire has cared for our son Max, who comes with extra challenges in the form of Autism, so incredibly well, with kindness, patience and love in every single moment of the last 12 months. They have formed such a close bond and the two of them do everything together. Claire has been Max’s best friend for the last year and we truly do feel like we’re going to have a huge hole in our hearts and in our home missing when she goes back home.

Claire has taught Max so much, and has made education and learning a part of their time together and has been instrumental in Max’s transition into primary school. Max can now write his own name and read simple words because of Claire’s attention to practicing skills learnt in Max’s ABA therapy and at school.

We have enjoyed having Claire with us so much, from watching terrible movies on the couch together at nights, to our weekly ritual of Friday burger night, complete with her corresponding song and dance and just how much of a help she’s been with day to day living.

Claire, we thank you so much for everything you have done for our family and we will miss you terribly.

Thank you for being such a brilliant Au Pair.

From the Page family