Chloe Wilson – June 2020

Chloe came to us from Ireland as a bubbly breath of fresh air in 2018 and has been with us since (with a brief stint back home to sort her visa for the following year). When Chloe returned, our youngest Frankie was only 2 weeks old and she just dived in and was the most amazing help, showing incredible initiative and pretty much reading my mind, because I was too tired to speak!

Our house can be pretty chaotic with 4 kiddies, but Chloe takes it in her stride and goes above and beyond especially during this lockdown period, supporting the whole family when we needed it most.

She has taken an active role in homeschooling the 2 older kiddies, as well as making sure that the little 2 are occupied and entertained; whether it be with a daily walk around the block looking for ducks/dinosaurs or a dance party in the lounge.

Chloe goes out of her way to make the kids feel special, making time for each of them doing activities that they love. We are so thankful that even though she would love to be home with her family in Ireland, she chose to stay with us and ride out this challenging time while making the most of it at the same time, we really have had so much fun!

Chloe brings sunshine into our home and we absolutely adore having her here, we genuinely consider her apart of our family and love her to bits.

All our love,

Laura, Brian, Zara, Ciaran, Beauden and Frankie