Au Pair Duties.

Your duties as part of our learning programmes:


  • Waking your little ones and helping them to get dressed, you may also be required to put them to bed
  • Preparing the children’s meals and helping them make healthy food choices
  • Understanding each child’s routines and ensuring your interactions are caring, calm and responsive
  • Helping the children to take care of their belongings, encouraging them to tidy after playtime
  • Developing your little ones’ interests and understanding through learning experiences at home and in the local community
  • Ensuring family rules and routines are followed (e.g. watching TV, using the internet)
  • Being mindful of any potential hazards that your children might encounter, and ensuring their close supervision and visibility at all times
  • Support with homework and after school learning
  • Taking the children to any after school activities or sports games/training
  • Cleaning and washing tasks that relate to the children while in your care


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