Annika Heinkele – March 2020

We would like to nominate our Au Pair Annika for Au Pair of the Month.

Anni … where do we start. You’re a very important and loved part of our family! You started with us as Annika, and we quickly started calling you Anni. How perfect – “Anni the Nanny”! Our boys have recently started calling you “Ann”. At 20 months old, they can only say about 10 words each, and it really is the cutest thing hearing them say your name.

It’s hard to believe you’ve been with us since September, and that we have less than a month left with you. It’s flown
by, and you’ve been so easy to have in our lives.

Harry & Reeve absolutely adore you! Toddlers are a great judge of character, and they warmed to you immediately from the first time they met you. It definitely cemented to us the fact that you were the perfect fit for our family!

The last 6 months have been a very busy time for us, with the farm keeping Cameron busy, as well as Sally’s job. You certainly help keep our home life ticking over, and it means we’ve had less pressure at home. The small things like keeping me organised with meal planning and a shopping list, has definitely helped ease the load that comes with being working parents to twin toddlers. I’m not sure who Cameron will have to do his chores around the house now though…. Sally totally knows it’s been you who’s been folding washing etc when she asked him to do it!!

Harry & Reeve have the best of both worlds – being nurtured in their own environment, as well as going with you to some fun activities. Mainly Music, story time at the library, Au Pair playgroups … their weeks are varied and full of fun, along with quiet days at home reading books and playing in the sandpit. We are 100% certain you won’t miss reading Reeve 15 books in a row! We blame you for the boy’s complete obsession with ducks, and we’ll never be able to drive past the park in Hawera again without them yelling out “duck duck duck”. What will we do with all our leftover bread crusts now? It’s all the small things that we’ll notice once you’re gone.

Anni … we only have a few weeks left together and we know that saying goodbye will be really hard. However, it’s not really goodbye, it’s just “see you later”. We know we’ll be back to visit Germany again, this time with two boys in tow. We also hope you’ll come back to New Zealand one day – if you and Markus don’t make New Zealand your honeymoon destination in a few years time, we’ll be very disappointed!

Thanks for everything “Ann” – you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts!

Love from the Coombe’s xx